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Ephesians and James: Comparing Grace and Works 

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison


Table of Contents




Is God Capitalized?


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Chapter 1: Spiritual blessings in Christ


Spiritual blessings in Christ

Prayer for knowledge and understanding


Chapter 2: Paulís explanation of the body of the Christ

Grace and faith

The unity of all believers


Chapter 3: Paulís mission explained

Paulís mission to the gentiles

Prayer for inner growth


Chapter 4: How to walk in Jesus, the Christ

The unity of the spirit

The Godís provisions for his peopleís walk

The new life in Christ


Chapter 5: More instructions on the believerís walk

The ways of the believer

Summary of what to do and what not to do

Husbands and wives


Chapter 6: Preparing for spiritual battle

Advice to children

Advice to servants

Advice to masters

Preparing for spiritual warfare

Final greetings





Chapter 1: Faith and works

Faith and humility

Hearing and doing the word


Chapter 2: Relationship to others

Impartiality toward all

Faith that works


Chapter 3: Comments about teachers

Dangers of the tongue

The evil tongue

The righteous tongue

True and false wisdom


Chapter 4: Christian conduct

Worldliness and pride

Consideration for a brother

Unchristian conduct


Chapter 5: Encouragement and admonition

Warning to the rich

Patience in affliction

Saving the erring brother




Tithing: The conflict between law and grace


Greek Grammar Terms


Fredís Story

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