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The Hidden Meaning in Hebrews

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison


Table of Contents



Editorís Note


Is God Capitalized?


Key Concepts in Hebrews

Abbreviations and Reference Sources Cited

Scripture Verses Cited


Chapter 1

God speaks by his son

The son is greater than the angels


Chapter 2

Our great salvation

Everything subject to Christ

Christ became human


Chapter 3

Christ superior to Moses

The danger of unbelief


Chapter 4

The promised rest may be forfeited

The word of God is powerful

The high priesthood of Jesus


Chapter 5

The qualifications of Christ to be priest

An appeal to believe


Chapter 6

Repentance from dead works

Falling away after being enlightened

An anchor for the soul


Chapter 7

The priestly order of Melchisedec

Christ's priesthood superior to Levitical priesthood

The unchangeable priesthood of Christ


Chapter 8

The heavenly sanctuary

The new covenant


Chapter 9

Comparing the old and new covenants

The superiority of Christís sacrifice


Chapter 10

The failure of the old covenant

A plea to hold fast the new faith

The fate of willful sinners

A call for endurance


Chapter 11

Faith defined

Heroes of the faith

Other examples of faith


Chapter 12

Running the race

Godís discipline

Warning against disobedience


Chapter 13

Service well-pleasing to God



Greek Grammar Terms


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