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The Gospel of John: Revealing the Invisible God 

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison






Is God Capitalized?


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Chapter 1

Jehovah, the Old Testament word

John, the Baptist, testifies of Jesus, the Christ

John the Baptist sees Jesus as the lamb of The God

Jesus calls some disciples


Chapter 2

The first miracle: changing water into wine

Jesus cleanses the temple


Chapter 3

Jesus teaches Nicodemus

A sermon by John, the Baptist


Chapter 4

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well

Jesus ministers to the Samaritan people

The second miracle: Jesus heals the sick child


Chapter 5

The third miracle: healing the impotent man

Jesus explains the real purpose of the Sabbath

The Fatherís witness of the son


Chapter 6

The fourth miracle: the five loaves and two fishes

The fifth miracle: Jesus walks on water 

Jesus teaching in Capernaum

"I am the bread of life"

Peter's confession


Chapter 7

Jesus teaching in the temple

The crowdís opinions


Chapter 8

The adulterous woman

The light of the world

Jesusí attitude toward easy-believism


Chapter 9

The sixth miracle: Jesus heals the blind man


Chapter 10

The parable of the sheep fold

Summary of the allegory in John 10:1-18

Summary of the parable of John 10:1-18

Another confrontation with the Jews


Chapter 11

The seventh miracle: Lazarus dies and is raised again

The Jews viewpoint of raising Lazarus

The Pharisees fear Jesus


Chapter 12

Anointing the feet of Jesus

Jesus enters Jerusalem

The Greeks come to Jesus

Jesus pours out his heart


Chapter 13

The last supper

A new commandment


Chapter 14

Jesus makes loving promises to his disciples


Chapter 15

The parable of the vine


Chapter 16

Jesus teaches of his death, resurrection and ascension


Chapter 17

The real Lordís prayer


Chapter 18

Jesus captured and taken to the high priest


Chapter 19

Pilateís dilemma

The crucifixion

The burial of Jesus


Chapter 20

The resurrection and appearance to Mary Magdalene

The appearance of Jesus to the disciples


Chapter 21

The eighth miracle: Jesus helps the disciples fish

Jesus and Peter converse


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