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The No-Name God

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison


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This book focuses on the attributes of Jehovah, who manifested the invisible god to mankind, just as Jesus manifested the invisible god.  Jehovah was the word of the invisible god in the Old Testament, and Jesus was the word of the invisible god in the New Testament. 


Jehovah, as the word, was strictly spiritual, while Jesus was the word which became flesh.  Jehovah could give holy spirit to whomever he wished.  When Jehovah became flesh, as Jesus, he had to give up that right, and become subject to holy spirit.  However, after he ascended to the Father, he recovered the right to give holy spirit.  Jesus did or said nothing on his own, but only said and did what the invisible god told him.


It is our hope that this study will help clarify how The God, the invisible god of creation, gradually revealed himself to mankind.  This revelation began in the Old Testament with only his works shown, which the people of that day attributed to his word, Jehovah. 


The people worshiped Jehovah as their god; they did not know there was any other god beyond him.  It was not until Jehovah, the word of the Old Testament, became flesh as the man, Jesus, that the invisible god of heaven was revealed.


Jesus taught about The God as a father, but people did not yet have access to the Father, the invisible god of heaven.  After the crucifixion of Jesus, the veil before the heavenly holy of holies was torn away, and access to The God, the invisible god of heaven, was opened for everyone.  We now know that there is a god which no man has seen, nor ever shall see, although we may fellowship with him through the work that Jesus accomplished while on this earth.


People were not allowed to have direct access to the invisible godóThe God; they could only worship his manifestation as Jehovah.  People today worship his manifestation as Jesus to the exclusion of The God


Current practice is very little different than that in Old Testament times, except that people then had no choice and today we do have a choice.  Although Jesus opened the way to The God, most of us are still stopping at the door as if it had never been opened.


This book will show that The God was gradually revealed throughout the scriptures.  The knowledge of The God did not just suddenly appear; it was a  progressive revelation.  We pray that this book will broaden and deepen your understanding of The God.


Merrill Douglass






October 2009


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