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The No-Name God:

Attributes of Jehovah and Jesus

as Manifestations of the Invisible God






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Merrill Douglass



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Print edition: Copyright 2003, Fred Kenison and Merrill Douglass.

Electronic edition: Copyright 2009, Fred Kenison and Merrill Douglass


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The Greek or Hebrew words in parentheses are the words taken from Strong’s Concordance, which are normally the base word.  Strong’s numbers are also shown in the parentheses.  Strong’s words and numbers are taken from the Strong’s Dictionary in QuickVerse® 4.0 for Windows, published by Parsons Technology, Hiawatha, IA.


All Old Testament verse quotations were taken from the Analytical Key to the Old Testament by John Joseph Owens, published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3rd printing, 1994). 


The spelling of Greek words and all New Testament verse quotations were taken directly from the Interlinear Greek-English  New Testament with a Greek-English Lexicon and New Testament Synonyms  by George Ricker Berry, King James Version, published by Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI (18th printing, 1995), reprinted from the original edition issued by Handy Book Company, Reading, PA, original copyright 1897 by Hinds & Nobel.  Berry’s Interlinear is based on the Greek text of Stephens, 1550, which is commonly called the Textus Receptus.


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