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The Apocalypse of Revelation

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison






Editor's Note



Is God Capitalized?


Abbreviations and Reference Sources

Scripture Verses Cited


An Outline of Revelation


A Brief Summary of Revelation




Prologue  [1:1 - 1:9]

The revelation of Jesus Christ (1:1)

The first beatitude (1:3)

The seven churches (1:4)

A doxology (1:5)

Another doxology (1:6)

A highly visible return (1:7)

The location of the revelation (1:9)



Vision One

Part A  [1:10 - 1:20]

The first and last Adam (1:11)

The seven golden candlesticks (1:12)

One like a son of man (1:13)


NOTE-This book is generally a verse-by-verse sequential

commentary.  However, in Vision One: Parts B-C-D, describing

the letters to the seven churches, the verses (2:1 - 3:22)

have been arranged differently, and are not handled in a strictly

sequential manner.


Part B

The seven letters

Attributes of Jesus Christ

The positive judgments


Part C

The negative judgments

The warnings


Part D

The promises

Summary of Vision One



Vision Two

Part A  [4:1 - 5:4]

Around God's throne in heaven (4:1)

The 24 elders (4:4)

The seven spirits (4:5)

The four creatures (4:6)

The book with seven seals (5:1)


Part B  [5:5 - 5:14]

The Lion and the Lamb (5:5)

Glorifying the Lamb (5:8)

A new song (5:9)

A multitude of angels (5:11)


Part C  [6:1 - 6:17]

The first seal-white horse: the false christ (6:1)

The second seal red horse: war (6:3)

The third seal black horse: famine (6:5)

The fourth seal pale horse: death (6:7)

The fifth seal martyred souls under the altar (6:9)

The sixth seal earthquake: terror (6:12)

A short summary


Part D  [7:1 - 8:1]

An interlude four angels hold the winds (7:1)

The 144,000 sealed (7:4)

A great multitude from the tribulation (7:9)

The seventh seal silence in heaven (8:1)



Vision Three

Part A  [8:2 - 9:2]

The seven trumpets (8:2)

The golden censer (8:3)

The first trumpet hail, fire, blood (8:7)

The second trumpet mountain cast into sea (8:8)

The third trumpet a star fell from heaven (8:10)

The fourth trumpet sun, moon, and stars smitten (8:12)

Interlude angel announces three woes (8:13)

The fifth trumpet the first woe: the bottomless pit (9:1)


Part B  [9:3 - 9:21]

Locusts from the pit (9:3)

The first woe ends (9:12)

The sixth trumpet the second woe: 200 million horsemen (9:13)


Part C  [10:1 - 11:6]

Interlude the angel with the little book (10:1)

John eats the little book (10:9)

John measures the temple (11:1)

The two witnesses (11:3)


Part D  [11:7 - 11:18]

The two witnesses killed (11:7)

The two witnesses resurrected (11:11)

The second woe ends (11:14)

The seventh trumpet the third woe: Christ reigns (11:15)

The 24 elders worship God (11:16)



Vision Four

Part A  [11:19 - 12:12]

The seven tableaus (11:19)

The first tableau the woman, child, and dragon (12:1)

The great red dragon (12:3)

War in heaven (12:7)

The dragon cast out of heaven (12:9)

Woe to the earth (12:12)


Part B  [12:13 - 13:10]

The dragon persecutes the woman (12:13)

The second tableau the beast from the sea: the false christ (13:1)

The beast wars with the saints (13:5)


Part C  [13:11 - 14:8]

The third tableau the beast from the earth: the false prophet (13:11)

The mark of the beast (13:16)

The fourth tableau the Lamb and the 144,000 (14:1)

Interlude the three angels: the first angel with the gospel (14:6)

The second angel announces Babylon's fall (14:8)


Part D  [14:9 - 15:4]

The third angel announces doom for the worshipers of the beast (14:9)

The second beatitude (14:13)

The fifth tableau the harvest of the earth (14:14)

The sixth tableau the winepress of God (14:17)

The seventh tableau the hymn of the Lamb (15:1)



Vision Five

Part A  [15:5 - 16:11]

The seven vials of wrath (15:5)

Preparation for the seven plagues (15:6)

The first vial curse on the earth: sores (16:2)

The second vial curse on the sea: blood (16:3)

The third vial curse on the rivers: blood (16:4)

The fourth vial curse on the sun: scorch men (16:8)

The fifth vial curse on the beast's throne: darkness (16:10)


Part B  [16:12 - 16:21]

The sixth vial curse on the Euphrates: a huge army (16:12)

The third beatitude (16:15)

The seventh vial curse on the air: earthquake it is done (16:17)



Vision Six

Part A  [17:1 - 17:18]

Babylon's destruction and judgment of the whore (17:1)

The first judgment the woman on the beast (17:3)

The beast with seven heads and ten horns (17:7)

Victory for the Lamb (17:14)


Part B  [18:1 - 18:24]

The second judgment the fall of Babylon (18:1)

Lament for Babylon (18:9)


Part C  [19:1 - 19:10]

The third judgment hallelujah in heaven (19:1)

The marriage of the Lamb (19:7)

The fourth beatitude (19:9)


Part D  [19:11 - 20:3]

The fourth judgment the rider on the white horse (19:11)

The fifth judgment the supper of God (19:17)

The sixth judgment the final battle (19:19)

The seventh judgment satan bound (20:1)



Vision Seven

Part A  [20:4 - 21:3]

The first promise the millennium (20:4)

The first resurrection (20:5)

The fifth beatitude (20:6)

Satan loosed (20:7)

The second promise the judgment of evil (20:11)

The second death (20:14)

The third promise new heaven and earth (21:1)


Part B  [21:4 - 21:9]

The fourth promise assurance for overcomers (21:4)

The fifth promise the New Jerusalem (21:9)


Part C  [21:10 - 21:21]

Characteristics of the New Jerusalem (21:10)


Part D  [21:22 - 22:5]

The sixth promise illumination of the city (21:22)

The seventh promise the river of life (22:1)

The tree of life (22:2)


Epilogue  [22:6 - 22:21]

The sixth beatitude (22:7)

The final message (22:10)

The seventh beatitude (22:14)

Jesus is coming (22:20)




Appendix A: Shekinah Glory

Appendix B: Satan

Appendix C: Angels

Appendix D: The Book of Life




Illustration of John writing on Patmos

The seven churches in Revelation

Themes beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation

The seven blessings in Revelation

Collections of sevens in Revelation


One of our favorite hymns


Greek Grammar Terms


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