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The Truth Revealed in Romans

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison


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Chapter 1 


Paul's affection for the Romans

The power of the gospel

The guilt of mankind


Chapter 2 

Judging others is condemning self

God is no respecter of persons

The Jews and the law


Chapter 3 

Do the Jews have any advantage?

No one is righteous

Righteousness through faith


Chapter 4 

Abraham’s justification

The promise realized through faith


Chapter 5 

The results of justification


Chapter 6 

Freedom from the power of sin

Grace creates servants of righteousness

Brief summary of Chapters 1-6


Chapter 7 

The law and sin

The problem of indwelling sin

Two conflicting natures


Chapter 8 

Life in the spirit

More than conquerors


Chapter 9 

The Jews and the gospel


Chapter 10 

Zealous, but not righteous

Righteousness through Christ


Chapter 11 

The remnant of Israel

Salvation for the Gentiles

Warning to the Gentiles

Restoration of Israel

The almighty God


Grammar Terms Explained


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Table of Contents


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