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What Scripture Says About Salvation

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison

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Part I: Salvation

Monographs 1-9  focus on the wider aspects of the salvation provided to all people.  The hope is that by knowing this, people might live in such a way as to retain their salvation.


Monograph 1: Spiritual Life

Monograph 2: Eternal Life

Monograph 3: Repentance

Monograph 4: The Evil Conscience

Monograph 5: The Good Conscience

Monograph 6: Circumcision

Monograph 7: Righteousness

Monograph 8: Holiness

Monograph 9: The Resurrection



Part II: Trinity

Monographs 10-14 discuss why the doctrine of the trinity is false.  This doctrine is a confusing creation of man, and prevents many people from understanding the clear message of the scriptures.


Monograph 10: God the Son

Monograph 11: The Son of The God

Monograph 12: The Son of Man

Monograph 13: God the Holy Spirit

Monograph 14: God the Father



Part III: Holy Spirit

Monographs 15-24 consider the character and purpose of holy spirit.  Holy spirit is not something that only a few can attain, but rather something that was freely given to everyone. 


Monograph 15: The Holy Spirit Versus Holy Spirit

Monograph 16: The Origin of the Holy Spirit

Monograph 17: The Holy Spirit as The Truth

Monograph 18: Receive Ye Holy Spirit

Monograph 19: The Pouring Out of the Spirit

Monograph 20: Holy Spirit ACome Upon@ and AFalls Upon@

Monograph 21: Be Ye Filled with holy Spirit

Monograph 22: Ye Shall Be Baptized En Pneumati

Monograph 23: What the Spirit Does

Monograph 24: Pneumati, God’s Gift to Men



Part IV: Inheritance

Monographs 25-30 discuss various aspects of the kingdom of God.  We show that all men will enter the kingdom, some in a positive manner and some in a negative manner.


Monograph 25: The Heir and the Inheritance

Monograph 26: In Thy Seed Shall All Nations of Earth Be Blessed

Monograph 27: The New Testament Concept of Inheritance

Monograph 28: The Pervasiveness of the Covenant and Holy Spirit



Part V: Christ

Monographs 29-31 set forth different areas of influence in which The God manifested himself to mankind.  We show that The God, the invisible creator God, was not known to people until after the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. 


Monograph 29: The Power of God Portrayed

Monograph 30: The Relationship Between God, Jehovah, and Jesus

Monograph 31: Christ in the New Testament




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