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What Scripture Says About Salvation

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison

Editor's Note


In the 1960's, Fred shared his early studies with a group of college students who were seeking to understand God's word.  Like Fred, they were also amazed to discover that what the Bible actually said about many issues was far different than what they had been taught by the church.  Also like Fred, this realization led them to undertake many years of study, aided by God's holy spirit, to understand just what the Bible meant.


In the beginning, Fred never meant to put this material into a book.  He was first studying for himself to understand, and then to help a group of students who were searching for truth.  He initially recorded much of the material on cassette tapes so the students could review it.  It was only later that he began to write things down, but even then with no thought of publishing anything.


This is also the first set of Fred's studies that I encountered (although it is the fourth book of his that I have edited).  One of those early college students introduced it to me.  I was only a few pages into it when I realized that this was very different from anything I had ever heard or read before.  In my heart I realized it was true, yet it was very difficult to discard what I had been taught by the church all my life.


I did not know what to do, so I prayed and asked God for guidance.  I really wanted to know the truth, and I prayed for wisdom to discern what the scriptures actually meant.  What I discovered has changed my life forever.  The organized church calls it heresy; but Jesus and the apostles said it was truth, and that it would set me free.  It has certainly done that, and more.


Whether or not we agree on the meaning of scripture does not change God's intent at all.  He will still carry out his purpose regardless of what we think.  He always has a remnant of true believers, many of whom see the truth in spite of what the organized church says.  Truth is truth, no matter what anyone says; and error is error no matter how many proclaim otherwise.


At the end of the book there is a brief biography about Fred and how his studies came about.  I hope it will give you at least a glimpse of the man and scholar I have come to love and admire.


Above all, may God guide your thoughts as you read this book, and reveal his truth to you.


Merrill Douglass

Marietta, Georgia





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