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What Scripture Says About Salvation

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison



Throughout this book, we have used the subject of salvation as a vehicle for illustrating God's love and long-suffering patience with mankind.  Each monograph has reinforced the basic truth that God provides everything necessary for every person to be blessed by entrance into the next age, the kingdom of God, to share in the glory of the Lord, Jesus, the Christ.


After reading these 31 monographs, we hope you have a greater appreciation of God, and how he has bestowed a full salvation to every person as they come into the world.  God began a public demonstration of his great love for his creation when he sought out Adam and Eve for further fellowship even though they had disobeyed a direct command.


Monographs 1-9  focused on the wider aspects of the salvation provided to all people.  The hope is that by knowing this, people might live in such a way as to retain their salvation.


Monographs 10-14 focused on discussions of why the doctrine of the trinity is false.  This doctrine is a confusing creation of man, and prevents many people from understanding the clear message of the scriptures.


Monographs 15-24 considered the character and purpose of holy spirit.  Holy spirit is not something that only a few can attain, but rather something that was freely given to everyone. 


Monographs 29-31 set forth different areas of influence in which The God manifested himself to mankind.  We showed that The God, the invisible creator god, was not known to people until after the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. 


Through all the discussions presented in this book, we hope you have gained a much greater understanding of the marvelous salvation God has granted to all of us.  We also hope this book will be a catalyst causing you to seriously study the scriptures for yourself. 


The so-called “truths” and doctrines of organized religions should be called into question.  It is up to each of us to discover if the things we hear and read are actually supported by the scriptures.


May God grant you the wisdom to discern his truth.




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