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What Scripture Says About Salvation

A Bible Study by Fred Kenison

The Evangelical Formula


Evangelical denominations see salvation as a sort of heavenly lottery, with the emphasis on the individual=s action, not on what Jesus did at Calvary.  The major emphasis is to, "ask Jesus to be your personal savior so you can go to heaven when you die."  As we show in the following chart, there are several things wrong with this formula.


 Evangelical Churches Say

 Scripture Says

Acknowledge that you are a sinner.

Jesus already paid the penalty for your sins and God no longer sees them.  You have already been judicially pardoned.


Repent, and express sorrow for your sins.

Scripture calls for you to repent (change your mind) about Jesus, about who he was, what he did, what he is still doing, and what he will do.


Ask Jesus to forgive your sins.

Jesus does not forgive sin, God does.  And, God has already done that.  He did it nearly 2000 years ago.


Ask Jesus to be your personal savior.


Scripture does not even imply such an action.


If you do this you can be assured of going to heaven when you die, presumably to live the good life.

Scripture indicates that the thrust of salvation is the kingdom of God, not heaven.  And, the purpose of the kingdom is more work.




What evangelicals rarely or never mention:


Salvation is an ongoing process-past, present, and future aspects-

     which culminates only when Jesus returns.

Seeing salvation as a specific in-time event offers no hope for tomorrow.

By preaching heaven, people never understand the kingdom of God.

People do not choose to be saved any more than they chose to be

     sinners; the only choice people have is to not rebel against God.

In this age, every person already has holy spirit upon them when they

     are born.





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